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    Touareg calipers on B5

    Hello from the U.S. First off, sorry I don't speak German, but I would like to share my new project with you guys. I will be using Brembo calipers off a 2005 Touareg on my B5. There are two sizes, 330mm and 350mm rotors. Since my wheels are only 17", I will stay with the smaller size rotors. The mounting holes on the 17z calipers are the exact same as a b5 s4, so I bought the those steering knuckles so I can bolt up the calipers. Companies do make special rotors for this setup, but I will be using Volvo s60r rotors, which are 330mm x 32mm, the same size the Touareg and Porsche Cayenne use. The only problem is the bolt holes are 5x108 not 5x112. So I will need to enlarge the holes slightly to fit, but the center bore of the rotor is perfect. I paid $300 for both of the calipers after being rebuilt, and painted Porsche on them to look cool.

    Because the front will be so much larger, I will also upgrade the rear rotors as well to B6/B7 S4 300mm rotors which use a B5 S4 caliper and a special bracket to space them out farther. Here is a picture of what the brake upgrade looks like (someone elses car). Enjoy!

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    Sorry but with the Volvo Discs and the opening of the Holes you wouldn't pass the German TÜV and so the Car will be not Street Legal. So it is no Solution for German Forum Members and i have to Close These Thread because we didn't talk about Illegal Things here in the Forum, because These are our Rules.
    Die STVO behindert meinen Fahrstil Kein Technischer Support per PN

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