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    tiguan rear view camera installed on a seat exeo /audi a4b7

    Hey guys, I bought a very cheap Higline Tiguan rear view camera , and trying to make it work with my RNSE . I bought a Gateway CAN 7N0 Sharan and use it in my Exeo , but I can detect the camera ... maybe it's just 3 bytes in length ? I can not turn on the list of the installation, but got VCDs detect rear view camera .... I use another gateway? Please answered it did before the B7 A4 didnt have a gateway ... I have to Exeo it is , separated from the cluster. thanks!

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    installationguide from Audi, should be same like tiguan

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    hi, thanks, its the same, but anyone knows wich can gateway can be compat with my car? thanks, and im installing the highline camera with control unit. thanks

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